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Panzer Shoot is a high-speed single-player shooter where you have to hold out in the arena for as long as possible against countless legions of mutants. A fast tank, equipped with a powerful cannon and multiple machine guns, sets you up to destroy enemy infantry, vehicles, and buildings that grow out of the ground right in your path.


Proper battle tactics and timely upgrades will allow you to last a long time on the battlefield and exterminate tons of hated enemies. Collect technical points to improve your tank and get new abilities. Repair right on the move!


Compete against other players thanks to the global leaderboard. Test your skills and warrior spirit in this arcade arena shooter filled with adrenaline until the last second of each of your gaming sessions. 

About Dev

My name is Dmitry, and I'm working on the RTS game. The Panzer Shoot is based on my rts game and was planned as a small offshoot of the genre in the form of a mini game.

Links: TwitterDiscord

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Arcade, Top down shooter, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksDiscord, Twitter, YouTube, Patreon


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PanzerShoot v0.4.8 159 MB

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Amazingly good arena shooter youve got going here, good work RtsDimon.

Really cool look and feel to it but the cursor wasn't showing up at first so I was stuck in an endless loop of dying while trying to press "ok" for my nickname. After that it was super laggy and unplayable but it looked really cool and felt badass as a shooter. Probably just too much for my computer! Awesome game!

Very good! ❤️



Thanks for playing. :)

man this thing is fun! also where do i find dem good riffs in the bgm?


This is free to use track by Tyops.

will there be a 32 bits version 

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Probably not soon. I'm busy with RTS right now.


How do you get the Game, i have the zip but how do i install it

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right click on the file and select "extract all". Follow the prompts and a folder with the same name as the zip file should be in the same area. Open the folder and double click the "PanzerShoot.exe" file to run the game.

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Everything is good and polished
I get some enjoyment - did few attempts ~10k score

But camera is garbage - unplayble for me and dealbreaker
i will never buy this game because of this camera
Main problem is: you can look ahead OR shoot enemies
you CANT do both at same time
which is gamedesign failure
- To survive player "flow" around enemies and shoot to sides and backside of own movement
so player always look backward and will stuck at objects in front

Also camera is too close
which is cool but you cant see shit
and dont have any zoom control 

just check classic games like "Crimsonland"
to get some ideas

PS. with better camera, better sounds for enemy death and hits, with different weapons and maps - I would buy such a game for sure - its fun indeed


Man this game is fun. Don't really have any complaints. The driving controls made things more interesting than most twin sticks as well. Seriously love this


Thank you for playing. :)

wonderful arcade game! best part about was getting used to steering the tank, once i got the hang of it I died less lol, it was only a endless wave of pple but diff types of mobs came out too which made it exciting. You can definitely have a mini boss and other maps to bring more attention to this. Awesome job


You're welcome.

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булоб непогано зробити різні рівні ...

та пасивні вміння котрі будут залишатись після смерті.

А ще можна різні вежі для танку ... 

І ще якусь ультимативну здібність ... щоб накопичавулась а потім  вибухала. 

An ultimatum bonus that will give you the ability to deal a lot of damage may be in the planning.

oyunun büyük optimizasyon sorunları var 4gb ram var fakat 8 fps

What kind of processor and graphics card do you have? RAM has nothing to do with it.

nvidia gtx 420

 intel pentium dual-core E5700 2.40 ghz

Tell me on what settings of graphics and screen resolution you played. The graphics card is the problem.


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept is great and could be expanded.

-The visual style is really good and totally fits the game.

-The gameplay mechanics are really good and well thought, but I'll say that some of the upgrades didn't have a very noticeable impact on the gameplay experience.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for the video and review, it's really helpful information for me. I will share it with my friends and colleagues. :)


you are welcome ^^

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It's fun to play and I like the consistent look. Feels very polished for such a simple game.

I would have liked some sort of knock-back animation on enemies to make hits "feel" better. Then again, it's not that important in an RTS game where this is coming from.

I'm so accustomed to twin-stick-style controls (player moves to WASD directions) that using driving controls with my left hand was surprisingly hard :)

I played it on Linux using Wine. Worked flawlessly!

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Thanks for the comment about Wine, it was interesting to test it. I am glad that it works. I'm not quite sure what you mean about the twin-stick. Scattering enemies would probably be interesting.

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By twin-stick controls I meant gamepad controls where left stick moves the player and right stick aims. Usually on PC these games use WASD keys to move the player so that A always moves left and D always moves right.

Here A and D keys _turn_ the tank. I have to look at the tank to see which direction pressing W will move it. Not really a problem at all, just took some time getting used to.

Thank you for explaining, now I understand. About gamepad control, it is necessary to think about aiming at enemies.  

Is there different weapons? Or just one with passive upgrades?

Screenshot with upgrades would be nice =)


Hi. There are 2 types of weapons in the game, these are machine guns on the left mouse button and a cannon on the right mouse button.

If you have any questions, you can write here.